WordPress General Settings Walkthrough

By | June 15, 2018

WordPress General Settings Walkthrough

The WordPress general settings are pretty straight forward, but they are definitely something you’ll want to take a look at.

General settings for WordPress are found in the left hand side menu in the WordPress admin. Hover over Settings and then click on General.

On the next page you will see various fields and options, I will lay them out for you here one by one.

First is the Site Title field. This is where you enter the name of your website or company or the keyword you are trying to optimize for.

Next is the tagline field. What you enter in this field is shown in some themes, but not others. You should enter your site’s tagline or a short descriptive sentence here. This field is optional.

Next are WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). These are usually the same and they are the preferred way you want your site base URL to be structured. In these fields you can enter:

1. http://www.YourDomain.com
2. http://YourDomain.com
3. https://www.YourDomain.com
4. https://YourDomain.com

Whichever you choose is how your URL will appear in a visitor’s browser address bar. Only use the https options if you have a valid SSL certificate installed (these usually cost $50 to $80 USD per year).

You will also want to let Google Webmaster Tools (webmaster.google.com) know which base URL is your preferred one.

Next is the email address field. The email address you enter in this field is where general WordPress notifications will be sent, so make sure it’s a real email address.

After that comes the Membership option. If you check that box anyone can register on your WordPress site. You can define the role of the people who register in the next setting which is New User Default Role.

You would rarely want to new users who can register themselves to have a default role above Subscriber. That is the role that has least access to critical parts of your website.

Following that you select your Timezone. You can choose the UTC value if you know it or you can choose a city in your timezone. On your blog articles, many themes include the time at which the post was published. The time displayed will be the timezone you choose here.

After that you choose the date format. This is the format in which the date is displayed on your blog articles.

Following that you choose the Time Format. This is the format in which the time is displayed on your blog articles.

The second to last option to fine tune is the day of the week that your week starts on. This is usually a Sunday or Monday in North America and Europe. I’m not sure about other continents and countries.

The last option to set is the language for the website. There are lots to choose from.

That’s all there is to the WordPress general settings. Check out my other WordPress settings tutorials:

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