How to Create Your Own Custom Header with Elementor

By | February 12, 2019

How to Create Your Own Custom Header with Elementor

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*NOTE:* You can now create your own custom headers if you have Elementor Pro. No need for a 3rd party plugin.

*ALSO:* if you use Elementor Pro, you now don’t need the Nav Menu Addon plugin anymore. Pro comes with its own Nav Menu widget.

You might already know that Elementor is an amazing WordPress page builder.

It allows non-coder designers like yourself to build 100% custom-designed WordPress pages, exactly as you want them. It’s really visual, and it’s drag-n-drop. It works in the way designers think, with no code required (hurray!)

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But if you’re like many designers, once you’ve used Elementor for a while, you might soon find yourself thinking:

“Hmmm… my theme still handles my header – my logo and navigation area. I wonder if I can use Elementor to design my website header as well?”

The good news is… yes, you definitely can use Elementor to build your own custom header. It will completely replace the one that comes with your WordPress theme.

However, there are also a number of different considerations to bear in mind.

In today’s video, I’ll dig right in and show you:

– Exactly how to build a header template with Elementor.
– The various tools and plugins available that make building your own headers possible.
– Step-by-step instructions for adding the header template to your site and replacing your theme’s own header.
– 5 important considerations or possible trade-offs to bear in mind.

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