How to Track and Reduce Form Abandonment in WordPress

By | December 21, 2020

Are you wanting to track and possibly reduce form abandonment on your WordPress site? Abandoned forms result in lower conversions and less revenue which can harm businesses if you don’t try to reclaim some of these leads. In this video, we’ll show you how to easily track and reduce form abandonment in WordPress.


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To simplify this process, we will be using the pro version of the MonsterInsights plugin you can find here:

Once you install and activate the plugin, you would go under Insights, Settings to enter your license key, this will unlock the pro tools and features available to you with MonsterInsights. Once you set up Google Analytics or if you already have it set up you will click the Launch Setup Wizard button in the plugin’s settings for the plugin to connect your site.

For the form abandonment information, we will go into the Addons under Insights to activate the Forms addon. You can ensure this tracking is live under Insights, Settings, Conversions and there should be the option to enable form tracking and the plugin has some built-in form plugin options available depending on your preferred plugin. All of your form tracking information should be under Insights, Reports, Forms as your forms get filled out or abandoned.

For how we plan to get those abandoned visitors back we will be using the Pro version of WPForms which can be purchased here:

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You can start by installing and activating the WPForms plugin on your WordPress site and adding your license key under WPForms, Settings to receive the paid tools available. Under WPForms, Addons we will activate the Form Abandonment Addon to save the information. Now when you create a new form or edit an existing form in the settings you will have a section labeled Form Abandonment where you can enable saving the contact information of people attempting to submit your forms but who stop partway through.

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