How to Properly Move from Medium to WordPress (2020)

By | January 12, 2021

Trying to move from Medium to WordPress? There previously was not a working method without going through but we have created a tool to help with this. We’ve created this helpful tool to guide you through the steps involved in moving your content from Medium to WordPress.


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WPBeginner’s BlueHost deal:

Start by signing up for hosting on BlueHost if you wanted to follow along with the method in this article but you can choose other hosting should you want. With your hosting, install WordPress with your domain you have selected for your site.

Your hosting provider should give you the login information for your WordPress site in their installer or in a followup email.

With the WordPress site created you will now want to export from Medium. If you have a site without a custom domain then you would want to log into your Medium account, go under settings, and find Download your information where you want to download your zip file. Medium should email you this information.

With the files downloaded you would want to visit the site:

Enter your Medium site’s URL in the first field, enter your name, and your email address to export the file. It will bring up the option to upload your Medium site’s zip file after with you will want to click Export my Medium Website. It will modify your export to be able to import it to WordPress.

On your WordPress site, go under Tools, Import and install and activate under the WordPress section as that is what your content was modified for. Click upload file and import, you will have options to choose the author of your posts and import your file attachments if it is able to. Now your site should have your posts imported on to it and you can edit them through WordPress.

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If you have a custom domain, on the mediumtowp site then when you add your custom domain to the first box and you should not need to upload an export file. Follow the same method as before to import the WordPress export file. Your dates and tags should be transferred as well.

Free Medium sites don’t have the option to redirect your old posts, you would need to let your users know where to find your new content. For custom domains, you would want to install the Redirection plugin. Under Tools, Redirection you would add links from the old post to the new post in this area.

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