How To Get Started with WordPress (WordPress 101)

By | July 21, 2018

How To Get Started with WordPress (WordPress 101)

Getting Started with WordPress
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Download My Free WordPress Guide Here:Grab Your Free How To Use WordPress PDF Guide: https://www.ultimateguidetowordpress.orgIn this video I will show you how to use WordPress in around 15-20 minutes. I will teach you everything you will need to know in order to get started with WordPress.Please consider subscribing for more awesome WordPress Tutorials! Just click the following link to subscribe:


00:00 Introduction
01:38 Registering Web Hosting & Domain Name
06:30 Installing WordPress
08:51 Logging into WordPress
09:59 Changing WordPress Password
11:11 Adding Pages on WordPress
13:55 Setting A HomePage on WordPress
14:49 Installing WordPress Themes
16:25 Download Written Steps (free eBook)

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