How to Create a Restaurant Directory in WordPress

By | December 14, 2020

Are you looking to create a directory of restaurants in your area that are offering takeout or delivery? There’s a rise of businesses offering these and having a collection of them for people looking for new places to try it could be a valuable site. In this video, we will show you how to create a Restaurant Directory in WordPress.


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With the plugin installed, activated, and your license key added we can start working on the form. We’ll go under Formidable Forms, Create Form and we will start off with the basic contact form for a base. We will add website/URL fields for the site of the restaurant being added. There are other tools and choices for what information you would like to include for the different restaurants.

We will create a page for the form to appear on first so there is a method to add to your list of restaurants. Then we will go back to Formidable Forms and edit our Restaraunt form and modify the Views to the way we want it to be displayed on the site. We have a modified version of the code below that you can modify to fit your needs.

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Now we can create another new page and add a Formidable View to list the added restaurants. Now when a restaurant is added you should see it included on your view page. To ensure your visitors can find the page you would want to add the new pages to your menu under Appearance, Menus.

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